Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Is your car cool in the summer – is your air conditioning working correctly? We recommended recharging your car’s air conditioning system every 2 years to keep it running efficiently.

Your car’s air conditioning system can only be serviced or repaired by qualified F-Gas compliant Technicians who have been trained in air conditioning refrigerant handling.

Our air conditioning service includes:

  1. Recharging of gas to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil
  2. Full visual inspection, temperature and leak checks
  3. Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from within the system
  4. Optional – Air conditioning cleaner to clear bacterial build up and remove any unpleasant smells

The benefits of car air conditioning:

  • Efficient cool air in summer
  • Warm dehumidified air in winter – easily demists steamed up windows
  • Filters pollutants / airborne particles including pollen – helping allergy sufferers
  • Pleasant and odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times

Air conditioning repairs

If your system is not working correctly we can diagnose the source of the leak using a nitrogen and dye mixture. Call us today to discuss how it works and arrange your repair.

Booking your air conditioning service

Book online or call 01692 670271 to arrange your air conditioning service or repairs


Air conditioning re-gas/re-charge £62.00 Optional anti-bacteria / odour removal £18.00
Nitrogen & dye leak test £25.00

Prices include VAT